Meets Substance Reeper4


Room for four and a whole lot more. The Reeper4 interior features durable, comfortable seating for four with fully adjustable driver and co-pilot seats. We set out to create a well-appointed interior all the while keeping in mind the practical aspects of everyday use in a multitude of environments.

At the controls

Dash and control systems make for easy operation to confidently navigate in a variety of trials and terrain.



It’s all about the drive and the performance versatility that comes standard on all of our vehicles – and the freedom to get there.


We know that a vehicle with this much versatility starts at the foundation. Frame dynamics, design and components are well thought out and executed to exact specifications.


Suspension Front/Rear: Independent Double Swing Arm Brakes Front/Rear: Hydraulic Disc Tires/Front: AT29 x 10-14 Radial Tires/Rear: AT29 x 10-14 Radial L x W x H: 12.3 x 5.4 x 5.4 FT Fuel Capacity: 6.1 US Gallons Dry Weight: 1,852 lbs.


Choose your favorite drive or explore a bit into the unknown – the Reeper4 versatility gives you the freedom to go there.


Reeper4 power comes from a Chery water cooled 4-stroke motor that delivers ample smooth power for multiple terrain demands.

Full Specifications